7 Tips to Follow When Applying With an Agency

1.) Instructions

Make sure to read all instructions carefully. Follow the application process accurately and submit all necessary information requested. book a room . Double check format for requested items. If you are asked for additional information it is best to submit the proper documentation and follow up as quickly as possible

2.) Resume

You should always include both promotional work and professional work on a resume that you are sending to an agency. This way it gives the person interviewing you a little more insight on your background and personal strengths you can offer to the company.

3.) Picture

There is no need to spend a lot of cash on a fancy photo; a simple candid snap shot that captures your personality is all you need. It is always best to send both a headshot and full body shot. google down . NEVER send a nude photograph.

4.) Knowledge – Do Your Research!!

You should always research and have a basic understanding on how the agency operates. In doing so, it will reflect your eagerness and enthusiasm in becoming a part of the team.

5.) The Interview

Dress classy when going to the interview. You should arrive at least 10 minutes early and have a notebook and pen to jot down information and or questions you may have. It is important to be prepared to ask and answer questions.

6.) Be Professional

Take this profession seriously. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner both on and off the job.

7.) Additional Information/Questions

If you have the opportunity to present the agency you are applying with any additional information or ask any questions it is always best to do so. It not only shows interest in the company but also the position you are applying for.

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