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Cosibella Agency moves headquarters to Las Vegas, NV and keeps Ohio office in Dublin


Las Vegas, NV- Cosibella will open its doors June 1st to its new headquarters in Las Vegas, NV; to accommodate the recent expansion growth on the west coast. Cosibella launched Nevada’s market with the No.1 Mexican beer, Corona (Crown Imports, LLC) as their first client in their new home.


With the recent partnership of Crown Imports LLC, Cosibella will have great opportunities to broaden its client network and increase in size immediately.


“After 8 years of business, Cosibella is extremely appreciative of its partnerships and values the new relationship with Crown Imports LLC” says Rian Donatelli, president and founder of Cosibella.


In addition to keeping a well-established business, Cosibella is keeping their office in the heart of Dublin, OH. Past brand ambassadors will continue to work on the stable environment that has been constructed while coordinating with headquarters to further grow Cosibella Agency.


“Being attached to our phones to make sure everything is running smoothly is routine,” said Ali Kaanan, Executive Assistant to Ms. Donatelli. “So whether our office is next door or states away, Cosibella will undoubtedly succeed.”


Cosibella will have weekly events in and around the Las Vegas area with brand ambassadors representing a variety of brands. Arizona and California are other states that will also be operating out of the Las Vegas Headquarters. Cosibella will also be extending the Mid West accounts to suburbs and smaller cities in the states that they are currently established in.


If you are interested in marketing your company brand, Cosibella’s highly educated, talented and beautiful brand ambassadors will execute the brand at a level of professionalism hat will exceed your expectations. For more information please visit their website at


About Cosibella Agency:

Cosibella Agency is an all-inclusive innovative company covering 16 states, meeting all of your branding needs. Cosibella’s highest priority is to exceed the needs of their diverse client base by introducing a league of extraordinary talent that represents only the finest in education and class; add an innovative element, matched by well-honed leadership and training, and your events will be taken to a level that surpasses the efforts of our competition. Whether seeking brand recognition, market expansion, or a reduction in overhead; Cosibella provides excellent client services through leadership and progress.