7 Key Pointers on Photo Submissions With An Agency

1.) Type of Photos: First off, be prepared with one headshot and one full-length body shot. A good body shot doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be in your bikini or underwear. One that accurately portrays your body type without cutting anything off will work. Last but not least, your photos do not need to be professionally done but pictures of when you look your best. In accordance with the pictures you submit, you will need to look your best when working for the agency or client you are promoting.

2.) Personality: Make sure your photos showcase your personality. Promotional events require brand ambassadors to be upbeat and outgoing. As you can imagine, having pictures that represent a great personality will boost your odds of earning an interview and your odds of booking work.

3.) Background: Make sure the background is not distracting. Pictures taken in your bedroom or other rooms in your house are fine, just so long as there is not massive clutter. A solid and/or natural background is ideal.

4.) Accurate Representation: Send photos that represent what you actually look like in real life. Keep edits and filters to a bare minimum. If your picture has been edited to the point where it doesn’t even look like you, coming to an interview will be a waste of our time and yours. Strange filters, lighting, and dated pictures also fall into information distortion. Send in photos that are current- taken in the last year.

5.) Strange Angles: Please do not send in “mirror pics”. Clients can request to see pictures of the models they would like to have at their promotional event. domain ip We cannot provide them with “mirror pics” or other strange angles. web api security . The agency shouldn’t have to crane their necks in order to see a normal portrayal of a model.

6.) Taste/Classiness: Do not EVER send nude or overly sexualized photos. This is not what we are looking for, nor is it the kind of modeling you will ever do with our agency. Any pictures displaying your crazy party side will be frowned upon as well. Again, keep in mind your submission photos are used to represent you when booking work.

7.) Make-up and Outfit: Natural make-up is best. If submitting a photo with more dramatic nighttime make-up, make sure to send in a natural look as well. In regards to your attire, keep it simple.

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