6 Tips for a Successful Online Interview

1. Avoid technical difficulties. As soon as you schedule your Skype interview, make sure you have the app downloaded and have a current username and password. If you have never used the program before, log in, test your sound and be sure you know how it works.

Find a quiet room with adequate lighting. Once you choose this space, be sure that anyone that will be around during your interview time is aware that you should not be disturbed.

2. Do your research and take notes. It’s important to know the job requirements and the situation of the position you’re interviewing for, as well as background on the company prior to being interviewed. Read a full job description for the position and make notes of any questions or concerns you might have to bring up during the interview. Keep in mind the interview is a two-way conversation; the hiring managers should not be the only ones asking the questions. Prepare yourself with a note pad, your resume and some printed information about your potential employer.

3. Practice makes perfect. Based on what you already know about the company, brainstorm a few questions you think the interviewer will ask. Prepare answers for these questions and also for the basic interview questions below.

• Why are you interested in working here?

• What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

• Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

• Why should we hire you?

• Tell us about yourself.

• Give us an example of where you have succeeded at… failed at?…

It helps to write out the answers to these questions and then read them out loud a few times. Answers should be on topic, clear and brief. Practice your answers by having a friend interview you. You don’t need to memorize your answers but you’ll feel more comfortable and be better prepared after reciting them to yourself or a friend a few times.

4. Ask Questions. Asking questions during the interview demonstrates your interest and enthusiasm about working for the company. Some questions you may want to consider are:

What is a typical day in the company?

What is necessary for the person in this position to be successful?

How does the hiring process work? What is the next step in the hiring process?

Who is a person you can contact if you have any questions afterward and how can you get a hold of him or her?

5. Know proper web cam etiquette. As if meeting in person you want to create a great first impression so be sure to greet the interviewer with the same enthusiasm that would be demonstrated as if you were face-to-face. When an interview starts, take a moment to make sure you look fine on the screen, and then focus on looking into the camera to keep eye contact with the interviewer on the other end. Sit up straight-posture goes a long way. Maintain a positive, upbeat tone throughout the interview. Give clear and well-thought-out answers to all questions. It is okay to pause when preparing for an answer, but try not to take too much time. It can be easier to talk over people on a Skype call so wait for the interviewer to stop speaking before you answer. This also gives you a few seconds to think about what you want to say before you speak.

6. Dress for success. You want to treat your Skype interview as if it were an in-person interview, therefore dress the part 100 percent. Just like all on-camera scenarios you should try to avoid stripes and other crazy patterns, as it appears messy on the viewer’s screen. It is best to wear a darker color with an accent of a jewel tone in a tie or an under shirt to bring a little color to the image.

A Skype interview is one of the first steps in the hiring process, but if you follow these tips, you are sure to be a leading candidate for the job. With that being said, be yourself- relax, smile and give it your all.