6 Steps to a Flawless Execution As a Brand Ambassador

1.) Materials- Prepare in Advance

It is important to have all the items you are going to need for a promotion right there at your disposal. Never go to a promotion unorganized or missing important materials. The promotion will go smoothly if you make sure to have everything you need beforehand- This includes your clean uniform, items needed to execute the event and directions to the event with parking details included. Revisiting the detailed information about the promotion and knowing what the goals of the event are, is also beneficial.

2.) Know Your Contacts

You can run into several problems while doing a promotion. Know whom to contact in an emergency BEFORE you get to the promotion. This will help eliminate any problems you may face. Also, you may try calling ahead to make sure managers and other employees of the account know you will be doing a promotion.

3.) Time Management

It is never acceptable for a brand ambassador to be late to a promotion. Arriving 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event will ensure the success of the promotion. Always take into account directions and traffic. Remember if you are on time, consider yourself late!

4.) Location, Location, Location

Prior to signing up for an event, know where the account is located and the surroundings. This goes along with always planning ahead. One of the biggest problems promotional models face is not being able to find where they are supposed to be, or where they are supposed to park, resulting in being tardy to the event. Time management and location go hand in hand.

5.) Presentation

The way you portray yourself reflects directly on the client you are representing as well as the modeling agency you work for. Presentation does not only include an excellent personal appearance, but also your knowledge of the brand and its product. Additionally, always maintain an enthusiastic and positive demeanor throughout the promotion.

6.) Results

Gathering results is extremely important. Evaluating the success of the promotion not only shows your work value but also assists the client with evaluating what is working on-site. Relaying the information of sales results, staff feedback and consumer comments will only assist you and your performance. Pictures and personal feedback are additional elements that provide vibe presence and positive feedback for clients knowledge of execution. Completing recaps with ample detail is key! Don’t forget your Brand presence photos!

Cheers’ to a great success!

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