7 Hair Style Do’s & Dont’s

7 Hair Style Do’s

1) Do get a trim once every 6-8 weeks. This keeps hair healthy and eliminates split ends so that it will continue to grow.

2) Do Give yourself a chic blowout. After washing hair, comb anti frizz serum through. Blow-dry your hair using a large round brush section by section. Complete the look by smoothing on your favorite shine serum.

3) Do try out new styles but make sure to test them out in your spare time. There’s nothing worse than thinking a new hair do will look great on you, to find out it doesn’t, right before you need to go to an event.

4) Do Pump up the volume by asking your hair stylist for a glaze treatment. This will give your hair a thicker feel, more texture, and shine. Glaze treatments can also be done at home.

5) Do Create loose curls with a curling iron. First grab a small section of hair, clamp hair and rotate the iron away from your face. Slightly loosen the clamp while still rotating. Hold iron for 6 seconds and release clamp completely. Continue to do this section by section until look is complete!

6) If promoting something relating to fun in the sun, e.g.: Corona, style your hair in beachy waves. Wash hair, towel it dry, and then comb it out. Flip your hair upside down and spray and massage with a volumizing or texturizing spray. Next spray hair with a heat protectant and blow-dry. Starting at mid-shaft, curl the top half of your hair. Lightly comb through hair to get a more tousled look.

7) Do try out a new hair color with the changing seasons. Light in the summer, dark in the fall typically, but experiment with what looks good on you!

7 Hairstyle Don’ts

1) If you have fair skin, don’t dye your hair super dark. Try out a medium or dark brown; still a change and the color wont wash you out.

2) If you’re going for a bedhead look, don’t let frizz get out of control. Use a frizz serum after styling your do.

3) Don’t forget to tame flyaways and frizz if you’re sporting a sleek, straight style.

4) Lay off on going crazy with updos. Snooki’s poof falls into this category. In general, Cosibella Agency prefers girls to wear hair completely down when working.

5) Don’t overdose on products. It can be easy to end up having greasy strands instead of getting that glossy shine you wanted to achieve.

6) Don’t wear extensions that are a dramatically different shade than your natural hair color. If you do have extensions or any kind of regular necessary hair upkeep, make sure you are able to maintain the look.

7) Don’t ever try to cut hair yourself. Even if you are just snipping your bangs or need a trim, leave it to a professional.